First created in Italy in the 1970s, the Moon Boot has gone on to sell 25 million pairs and remains the number one choice for ski resort footwear.

A year after the Apollo 11 moon landing, Giancarlo Zanatta became fascinated by the boots worn by astronauts on the mission. Enter the Moon Boot, which became a huge trend during the 1980s; seen on celebrities and athletes alike, their space-age style became a big deal.

Consisting of a thin rubber outsole and cellular rubber midsole, the Moon Boot is covered in nylon fabrics of various different colours. Lace-up detail and unmistakeable Moon Boot branding completes the design. The boot's unique look inspired many other brands to create copies, but no one else can use the original Moon Boot name.

Today, Moon Boots is considered by many to be an icon of the 20th century and continues to maintain its popularity. To date over 25 million pairs have sold and with new colours and style variations being launched all the time, Moon Boots will remain a key innovation that celebrates one of the world’s greatest triumphs.

Since their launch over 50 years ago, Moon Boots are now available in a huge variety of colours and styles, from original nylon to fur-trimmed.
The Moon Boot® story is like a journey through design and fashion history. Moon Boot® is a hero product, a lovemark, a brand that invented a category and achieved mythical status.

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